World Missions

India - Banjara Tribal Ministries

Pure religion is to visit the fatherless and the widows (James 1:27). It is our joy to have a very active role in this commission since we were exposed to the work of Christopher Boda and Banjara Tribal Ministries (BTM) in 2003. At any moment, BTM is caring for thousands of orphans and abandoned children in Hyderabad, India across multiple campuses. The provision of the children's meals, clothing and education is a day-to-day need that we have seen God provide through his people for years. BTM has remained deeply faithful to it's calling to care for abandoned boys and girls in India and disciple them to spread the Gospel throughout their own country.


Zambia - African Encounter Team

In 2005, during the Encounter Team's annual missions trip, we became acquainted with a Zambian national named Leonard Bwalya who, inspired by our young singers, began his own team of young adults. Lined up and singing the message of God’s truth to us, we were introduced to the African Encounter Team (AERM). As we saw the potential for great evangelism in Zambia through this team of young Zambians, Encounter began supporting AERM by helping provide funds, training and discipleship materials.

AERM now cares for a 40 acre farm property that provides camp activities and evangelism, as well as food, for local villages. They are also strongly invested in caring for orphans, distributing evangelistic materials and disciplining local pastors. 



In 2009, Encounter began supporting a native missionary in Myanmar by the name of Pastor James. His ministry to his home country is spreading the Gospel in a predominantly Buddhist environment. Pastor James is also very committed to caring for orphans, often sharing his own home to give them shelter, planting churches, and developing farms to provide food for villagers. We are blessed to be a part of a faithful ministry in Myanmar, reaching people for Christ in far away places.