What Does a Year on the Team Include?


Large image of what a year on the team looks like



Advice From Past Alumni

"Although it gets overwhelming sometimes, keep your heart open to what God has for you. Because if you do, you'll love Him more, you'll give more, and you'll grow more."

~Samantha Rypkema 


"Be flexible and be open-minded. You are going to find yourself interacting in some very new situations with many different types of people. Embrace it and remember every person is a soul that God wants to draw towards Himself and every situation can be a life-lesson from God. Also, serve your brothers and sisters on the team. They will become a new family and those relationships can last a lifetime. (1 John 3:16-18)

~Matt Wilcox


"One of the biggest challenges to a year with ERM is the fast paced experience of living a pre-determined schedule. Right now the year sits in front of you, tomorrow you will be an alumni. A couple things to keep in mind:
It's a marathon, not a sprint: take life as it comes, don't worry about getting it all the first week. Take the lessons little by little or you will be overwhelmed.

It's a family, not a competition: like a marriage, there will be a honeymoon phase. It will not take long for reality to hit.  Then the nuances and quirks of other team members will drive you insane. Learn to be a family, learn to forgive, and let things go.
Time is made of moments, not years: Enjoy each church, host home, and meeting. Before you know it, ERM will be a distant memory.

Learn all you can and let God change what He wants. Enjoy the journey. You will only live it once."          

~Vinnie Tumia