Do you have a good word about how the ministry of Encounter has impacted your life or someone you know?

Encounter Alumni Parent Testimonies

It is our joy to hear from Encounter alumni parents about the impact their children's time with the ministry had on them. Read below for some inspiring testimonies of life-change as seen from a parent's perspective.

It was her Senior year at a small Christian school when Encounter came. That week auditions were being held to try out for a place on the team for the next fall. Darci was accepted to be on the team, if she wanted to be there. She was accepted at a college for the fall, too. Now it was decision time. Would it be college or Encounter? It was not the norm in 1998 - at least for us - to put off college for a year and then go. But that is what Darci did, and we are happy she did. She grew in many ways, especially in her spiritual life. Darci was blessed to be taught and shown what it means to be a follower of Christ. That has carried on into her life today as she studies the Word and witnesses to others. Of course, we have to say she met her husband, who was also on the team. Her life (and ours ;) hasn’t been the same since! We thank God Darci put college off to become a part of Encounter. She has made memories and friends that she will never forget.
— Don & Deb Powell
Our daughter wanted to devote a year to ministry before continuing to college. Her year of ministry with Encounter helped her realize she wanted to minister to middle school age young people. She graduated from a christian college (Bob Jones University) majoring in Middle School Math and Science. She is now married and teaching Middle School Science at Citrus Park Christian School in Tampa, FL.
— Sheldon Seip
We can never overstate the impact of a year on the ERM team for our daughter. She grew stronger spiritually, learned to engage with strangers, developed confidence in public speaking and came to terms with time management. That year of 24/7 discipleship strongly helped to confirm direction for her future ministry. We only wish every young person could have this advantage.
— Richard & Caroline Rodgers
Not quite sure where to begin; our church first started hosting the team when my daughters were in 8th and 5th grades. The team always offered such an amazing spiritual impact and gave the students an opportunity to see how full-time ministry makes a difference. The lessons/messages delivered by Ardy spoke to the heart of Christian parenting and I always felt challenged to hold firmly to The Word and study it more deeply. So after years of being exposed to the ministry, it only seemed natural that there would be some sort of personal participation from my family. That opportunity arose when Sherrill’s senior year came and athough not quite sure what the Lord had in mind, she took it upon herself to audition. ....long story short.... After serving with the team for two years, traveling all over the world, God placed in her heart a desire and hunger only to be satisfied by serving Him full-time in Zambia, Africa. Ardy, Jean, Phil, Elizabeth, Jimmy, Art, and everyone she “encountered” while ministering with Encounter, led her to say “Yes, where You lead me I will follow, Lord”. Thank you, ERM, for your investment in the physical and spiritual lives of everyone that crosses your path. Our family is blessed for having crossed paths with this amazing ministry! May the Lord continue to be glorified and lifted high! Thank you for your positive, godly impact on our world.
— Karen Auker
We dropped a shy teenage girl at Mt. Lou San. When we icked up Lydia for the final time two years later, we were so blessed by the spiritual and social maturity that she had gained through her time serving with ERM. A life changing experience!
— John & Kay Dishon
Encounter enabled our son to use his gifts and talents for the Lord while opening his heart and eyes to what God would have for him in the future.
— Tamra Moger
Encounter provided our daughter, Evan Hoyt, an opportunity to grow spiritually, initiate life-long Christian friendships, witness to youth in the US and around the world, and deepen her commitment for service to the Kingdom. As her parents, we are forever grateful for the two years of ministry with Encounter that she was so blessed to experience.
— Keais & Lisa Hoyt
Encounter Revival was a tremendous experience for our daughter! She ministered God’s love by singing and signing to children as well as adults. Since she left, the Lord continued to teach her more about signing at a deaf school in Puerto Rico for a year and now with that experience she started a deaf ministry at her church! We could see how God used Encounter to start her life towards ministering to the deaf!
— Lisa Swink
We are very thankful for how the Lord has used Encounter Revival Ministries in the lives of three of our five children. They have served on the ERM Team for a total of seven years and have grown much in their spiritual lives. The Lord used that time to train and mature them in preparation for missions work around the world and in the professional work place here in the USA.
— Joe & Sharon Fetterhoff
I have so many wonderful memories of the year my daughter, Jessica Temple Marie, was on Encounter. It was a blessing to watch her grow and mature in her relationship with the Lord. And I believe every aspect of being on the team helped her to become the amazing woman she is today as she reaches people for Christ in Bolivia, South America.
— Nancy Kingery