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Host Your Own Rice Meal Event

Raise awareness about the needs of the orphans at BTM by hosting your own rice meal - a typical meal that the children eat every day.


Download Photos for a Visual Display

Hundreds of children gathered at BTM 1

Morning Exercises

BTM 1 Campus

Children love to take pictures

Children in Class

BTM 2 Campus

Studying in class

Posing during free time

BTM 3 Campus

One of the children

Sleeping area

Children at BTM 3

Children made signs for their American sponsors

Doing their own laundry

Receiving food

Worship service at

Children on BTM 1

Washing their dish

Hang Posters to Raise Awareness

3 poster designs with white writing area.

Fundraising Competition Resources  

Penny Wars - a competition between groups who use their spare change to help their team win!

You and your kids group could also host a bake sale, yard sale, car wash or something similar in your community to raise funds for the children at the BTM orphanage. Whatever your kids fundraising idea is for your church group, make sure it's safe, easy to understand, not too long, and most of all, make it FUN!


Traditional Indian Games

Kho Kho

Kho kho (Co-Co) is a traditional Indian game of tag. The center line rule and tagging are similar to an American game called Baton tag.

How to Play Kho Kho



Kabaddi (Cub-ah-di) basically consists of tagging a member of the opposing team and getting back to a safe zone without being grabbed and stopped. This game involves a bit more physical contact than Kho Kho, but is really fun and challenging.

How to Play Kabaddi

Other games from this region of India can be read about here: Traditional Games from Andhra Pradesh