The Encounter Youth Ministry Team (EYM)



The purpose of the ERM and EYM teams is to train young adults to...

  • Know what they believe
  • Live godly in this present world
  • Serve with humility
  • Use their abilities and gifts to minister to others
  • Explore the various avenues of ministry


While the interests and abilities of team members will vary, the EYM team will explore a variety of methods to accomplish Encounter's mission of proclaiming God's glory for salvation and spiritual renewal.  An EYM team member will be involved in school chapels, church meetings, camp events and more.  Methods used in these ministries are dependent on the talents of the EYM team members and may include:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Leading small groups
  • Teaching children's clubs
  • Sports outreaches
  • Counselor in camp setting
  • Other areas as God leads


Although Encounter is not a school, EYM team members will be engaged in several courses designed for Christian growth. Team members earn 15 credits through their Bible courses and practical experiences (See our Course Catalog).  Several Christian colleges recognize these credits for transfer.

If you are interested in committing a year of your life to ministry with Encounter, please complete an application online or through our printable Team Member Application.

Cost Breakdown

There is a monthly fee of $200 (Room, Board, Travel, Etc.)

In addition to the monthly fee, there are a few one time costs to consider as well:

  • $850 - Training Camp Fee (Team Outfits, Food, Utilities at Mt. Lou San Bible camp)
  • $150 - Discipleship Fee (Books, Course Materials )
  • $2,000-$4,000 - Annual Missions Trip