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A one-year discipleship program for post high school young adults

"A year on an Encounter Team will hold some of the most memorable and spiritually foundational experiences of your life."

- Ardy Parlin, Founder & Director

Would you like to be part of a team that is committed to spiritual growth and impacting the world for eternity? The Encounter Leadership Center is the place for you. During a year of training and ministry, you will experience the following.

The classes you will take will have a heavy concentration on life management, Christian leadership, Bible doctrine, and character development.

After a time of training and preparation, you will have the opportunity to minister in a variety of settings. Church, school, camp, and cross-cultural missions are areas of ministry you will experience at the Encounter Leadership Center. Depending on your area of giftedness, your involvement in these ministries will include music, drama, leading small group discussions, teaching children and teens, utilizing technology and equipment, and coordinating logistics.

While you will receive grades for the courses you take with Encounter and several Christian colleges will accept your credits from ELC, the courses are designed to be practical and applicable to daily living.

Considerations for the Encounter Leadership Center

August 17, 2019 is the day that training camp begins for the ELC. The commitment for a team member is one year in length. Team members will have times of vacation around the Christmas holiday and prior to our summer camp ministry.

Team members at the Encounter Leadership Center have the opportunity to trust God to provide the finances for the year of ministry training and service. Here are financial considerations for 2019-2020. $1,000 for a training camp fee and $350 per month for the 12 month experience. Included in these costs are room and board, team clothes for ministry, and materials for courses. The cross-cultural missions trip is an additional cost. Depending on the location, you can expect the cost to be $2,000-$4,000. Encounter will provide instruction to assist team members with communicating the support goals.

Team members will live in dormitory-style housing at the headquarters of Encounter in Harrisburg, PA. While some traveling will be involved, the team will be in Harrisburg the majority of the time.

Need more info? You and your parents are invited to join us on March 25, 2019 at 6:30pm for an information session. Contact Jimmy Van Dyck for details - 717-545-2599.

If you are interested in committing a year of your life to ministry with Encounter, please complete an application online or through our printable Team Member Application.