Encounter Circle of Friends

If you have been looking for a way to become more involved with ENCOUNTER REVIVAL MINISTRIES, becoming a member of the Circle of Friends is for you!


Today, ENCOUNTER REVIVAL MINISTRIES is reaching more people across the world than ever before. It is the great relationships that we have made over the last 21 years, with people who really care for the ministry that has led us to develop a new program called the Circle of Friends.


The Circle of Friends is a monthly giving program for those who would like to support ENCOUNTER REVIVAL MINISTRIES on a deeper, and greater level. This program is designed to strengthen the donor, the ministry and the missionary.


When you invest in the Circle of Friends, you become an essential ministry partner with ENCOUNTER as we continue to impact the world with the life-changing truths of God’s Word. Join our growing community by becoming a part of the Circle of Friends.


In our appreciation for your partnership and in our commitment to share biblical truths and insights, each month, we will make available a variety of online ministry resources. Your participation in the Circle of Friends tells us that you are increasingly interested in the work of ENCOUNTER and would like us to minister to you through missions updates, encouragements, Bible teaching videos, and other spiritually enriching resources. These resources are exclusively available to members of the Circle of Friends and will be updated online each month.

Click here to become a member of the Encounter Circle of Friends!


Becoming a member of our Circle of Friends program is a commitment of $30 a month (other amounts may be specified). Please click to the right to access the sign up form. Select "Circle of Friends" in the Category drop-down field. Monthly auto-pay options are available in the Donation Frequency section.




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Founder and Director, Ardy Parlin.