The Pieces Don't Fit

After looking at the pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle spread out on a card table and trying to make them fit to form a beautiful picture, one may conclude that they just do not fit together. This is often the way we feel in our life journey as we experience “pieces of our life puzzle” that just don’t seem to fit. However, for the child of God that has chosen to honor and follow the Lord, the promise of Romans 8:28 bring great joy, peace and blessings. 

I have noticed that this verse is often quoted by well-meaning people to bring encouragement to those who are going through severe difficulties. When the same comes into level of trials enter the lives of the well-meaning people, the verse does not have the same meaning.  So it’s like the old preacher says, “easy preachin’, hard livin’.”

But IT IS TRUE. All things DO WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD. Now, wait . . .it does not say that all things ARE good. And it does not say that this is a promise for everyone.

All things WORK TOGETHER for good. Our loving, sovereign, all-knowing God takes all the pieces of the life puzzle and makes them fit together for good. This is an all inclusive promise whether bitter or sweet, good or bad, bright or dark, easy or hard, happy or sad; God is working them all for good.

But WAIT…this wonderful, encouraging, uplifting and powerful PROMISE is NOT for everyone. The scriptures are clear that this promise is for those who love God (which is defined for us in Matthew 22:37-40), and it is for those who obediently follow and obey God’s Word.  

Not perfection, but OBEDIENCE. 

So, as we look today at our “life puzzle,” and we can’t seem to fit all the pieces together or even understand the pieces, we can have the joy of knowing that God is working them all together for our good and for His glory to be demonstrated in our lives. So we can continue on by God’s grace, just as the Apostle Paul was encouraged to do in II Corinthians 12:9. That’s right, God’s grace is available and all that is needed.  God’s grace for everyday living is God’s power flowing through the obedient, thankful follower of Christ to allow them to live beyond themselves. That’s light in darkness, sweet in bitterness, ease in hardship ..God’s grace imparted in the mind, soul, heart and actions of the obedient believer to be a living example of God working all things together for good.

Then we are able to practice and live out I Thessalonians 5:18 and be thankful in all things, because we know that God has promised to make all things work together for good and that He is committed to working in our lives to make us vessels through which the power of God may be seen. Check out II Corinthians 4:1-7.

As you look at your “life puzzle” and meet the conditions of Romans 8:28 and Matthew 22:37-40, then you can claim, rejoice and live in the light of this wonderful PROMISE.  Yes, there is joy, peace, light, relief, sweetness and much more for those trust and obey.  Now, may I suggest you find a hymnbook and read through a great old song entitled “Day By Day” and read Psalm 55:22, II Corinthians 12:9, Proverbs 3:5-6.