Romans 8:28-39

God is Working

It is easy to get caught up and overcome by the events of everyday life, and when that happens, one often forgets that God is moving and working on our behalf in all things.

The events of each day and the people that intersect our life are being used by our Lord to do that which is needed.  Each believer has their unique needs, challenges, weaknesses, and strengths that God knows need to be strengthened, changed, stopped, or adjusted, so He designs a special situation or person to help us focus on that need.

Just as the potter shapes the vessel, the life of each believer is being shaped into a “vessel of honor” (I Tim. 2:21) in the events and encounters of each day.  It is the alert, obedient, and surrendered believer that thankfully rests in the work and ways of God. As one responds and changes, they become a more attractive and usable vessel in God’s Hand.

“The real point of Psalm 37:4 is that we are to trust in the Lord and delight ourselves in the Giver and not His gifts.”  Calvin Miller

Keep Going

Sometimes we get to the point where we don’t think that we can go on any longer.  The obstacles and challenges of life continue to flood our life.  For each step we move ahead in life, it seems like we than take steps backward.

However we are reminded in the Word that God is working in our life and that He knows what is best (Romans 8:28)  so we must continue on even when things seem difficult.  To gain courage in the time of difficulty and strength, the obedient believer is careful to:

1.     Wait upon the Lord for strength: Isaiah 40:31
2.     Give thanks for all that God is doing: I Thessalonians 5:18
3.     Review all the blessings of God in the past: Psalm 77
4.     Determine to obey God and move on: II Corinthians 4: 8-16
5.     Rejoice in the Lord: Philippians 4:4
6.     Pray for a heavenly perspective: II Corinthians 4:17-18

Remain faithful and trusting in the time of flood, for “this too shall pass.”  With peace in heart and courage in the soul, “looking unto Jesus” the obedient believer moves ahead in the blessings and power of the Lord. 

“The devil doesn’t care which side of the horse we fall off of, as long as we don’t stay in the saddle.” Martin Luther

Trust in the Lord

It is impossible to know the thoughts of these orphaned children in Myanmar.  Undoubtedly they have thoughts of fear and worry.

We are instructed in scriptures to guard against thoughts that lead us to worry and loss of focus. Rather we are to trust in the Lord.  Encouragement fills the mind of the one who stops to meditate on the promises, power, presence, and the plan of God.

It is a trap of the enemy for a believer to focus on problems, challenges, and difficulties of life rather than the blessings of God.  When one does not trust God, they are opening the door of discouragement, depression, distress, and distraction from the work and ways of God.

In the normal and sometimes difficult circumstances of life, we can have the joy of the Lord as we trust in His Word and ways.  The song writer reminded us of this truth in penning these words, “trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”