Romans 6:12-23

Weights and Sins

These team members in Zambia are happily carrying bricks to the location of a new home for children.  The bricks are heavy, and the further they carry them the heavier they become. 

Trying to carry something that gets heavier all the time is a great problem.  It is true that the weight of sin affects a person emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually; and the longer one carries the “thing” the more difficult it becomes.

God has provided a way to deal with sins.  It is by admitting and confessing our sins to Him and seeking His forgiveness that we are set free from the weight and power of those things.  However, we must then obey His Word to “lay aside” these “weights and sins” that we have allowed and invited into our life.

The blessings of God are beyond number to those who obey the Lord and obediently deal with any and all sins.  God is faithful to deliver and set us free as we follow the instructions of His Word.  (Psalm 119:1-16)

Multitudes have tried to cover, hide, and carry weights and sins rather than confessing and dealing with them only to discover they soon become heavier than they can bear.  God waits and desires to set us free from that which holds us in chains.