Romans 6:1-16

Check Your Life Daily

These ladies in Zambia are careful to check the garden daily for weeds that would destroy the vegetables.  Careful and regular care is essential for a garden to produce the products desired.

What often happens is that Christians are not careful to check their life daily and “little sins” are allowed to stay in their “life garden.”  The rationalization and justification of what seems to be insignificant sin never stays small.  Sins, like weeds, grow rapidly, quietly, and boldly to cover and destroy the life.  In Romans 6 we are reminded that we are not to keep sin in our life.  Only in the carnal and disobedient mind/life is there such a thing as a “little sin.”

So it is good counsel and warning to check our life daily for any so-called “little sin” and obey the scriptures to confess and turn from the sin immediately.  The testimony of multitudes would be that they regret allowing that “little” sin to stay in their life. 

Waiting before the Lord with open Bible and heart is a vital step in checking our life daily.  Then, as the Spirit of God reveals sins, the obedient Christian confesses and stops that which God has reminded should not be in the life.

 Little sins left uncared for grow into bigger ones and eventually consume the life-garden.