Romans 5:1-11

Keeping Our Focus

There are times in life when we may feel like these soy beans are being laid out in the hot sun to dry.  Difficulties, trials, struggles and seeming impossibilities cause us to be distracted, and we lose our focus. When this happens our mind is divided, and worry takes over.  With these matters controlling the mind, our focus is off from God and the truths of Scripture.

When worry controls we:
1. Think depressing thoughts
2. Respond harshly to others
3. Lose energy
4. become unproductive
5. Waste time and life which are only a few of the devastating consequences of worry.

As a believer we are to:
1. Trust God
2. Seek God, His ways and will
3. Give and commit all to Him
4. Be thankful
5. Set our thoughts in and on His Word
6. Honor God in all

God has promised to give strength, grace, wisdom and much more to all who respond in obedience and joy to those who seek Him and His ways.  Matthew 6:33