Psalm 91:1-16

Peace in the Difficulties

Each day, challenges come into our life, and we often wonder if we are going to make it through that difficulty.  However, it is through the reminder and assurance of God’s presence, power, and promises that we gain courage and strength.

Trials are part of life and are God’s way to make us into the person that is fit for the work and ministry that He has for us to do.  We can find refuge and sustaining grace in our Lord from the challenges of life and the attacks of our enemy.  God gives rest to the soul so that we may have peace in our heart and mind.  What a blessing to be reminded that His angels are watching over us and that He has not forgotten our needs and challenges of this day.

It is in His love, presence, power, and promises that I can and do have peace of heart, encouragement to go on, joy in night, and power to live each day.  Thank God for all that He is and will do.  Rest in the fact that He knows all things and move into another day with victory and peace of heart.