Psalm 63:1-11

It is Worth Taking the Time

It is imperative that we get God's Word from our mind to the heart.  It is not enough just to have mental knowledge and no heart or life change.  This is a major reason why many lives are not transformed.  Biblical truths that are in the mind but have not influenced the heart, which is the center of life, are not enough.  Just knowing Biblical facts in the mind is not enough.

The life schedule for many believers is to hurry from one event to another with very little time, if any, for spiritual refreshing.  The busy schedule does not allow time for meditation in and on the Bible to know God and His plan for our life.  Meditation is the conscious discipline of the mind to think on Biblical truths until we see from God's perspective and make changes in our life in obedience to the Word.  It is clear from Scripture that meditation is critically important to strengthening one's spiritual life and bringing life into accordance with the Word.   

Meditation is thinking and pondering on God's Word to the point that we have a clear picture of what God is saying to us and then making changes in accordance with the Word.  Meaningful meditation requires time, belief in the Word, discipline, prayer, and obedient response to the Scriptures.

"We love God more as we increasingly come to know and experience His loving heart and actions toward us through meditating on His Word." Robert Saucy