Psalm 46:1-11

Trusting God

We are reminded in the Scriptures to “trust God” at all times and in all situations.  Just as an orphaned child in Myanmar daily trusts God, we should do the same.

However, in a world of abundance, one is often found to trust in the things they have or see.  One of the traps of life is to trust in self and not in God.  Self-sufficiency is a great obstacle to trusting faith.  Trusting God is not to take the place of diligence and duty, but it is to have peace of heart and focus of mind that God knows all things, and we are to trust in His grace, strength, power, presence, promises, and all that He does.

It is good for us to consider the testimony of H.G. Spafford in the great hymn “It Is Well.”  In an hour of great distress and loss, he wrote “when sorrows like sea billows roll… it is well.”  Life is intermingled with joys, blessings, challenges, sorrows, victories, and more.  It brings great refreshment to the soul to trust in God.

Take a moment to reflect on the hand of God in your life and reaffirm your trust in Him.