Psalm 37:3-7

God is Working

It is easy to get caught up and overcome by the events of everyday life, and when that happens, one often forgets that God is moving and working on our behalf in all things.

The events of each day and the people that intersect our life are being used by our Lord to do that which is needed.  Each believer has their unique needs, challenges, weaknesses, and strengths that God knows need to be strengthened, changed, stopped, or adjusted, so He designs a special situation or person to help us focus on that need.

Just as the potter shapes the vessel, the life of each believer is being shaped into a “vessel of honor” (I Tim. 2:21) in the events and encounters of each day.  It is the alert, obedient, and surrendered believer that thankfully rests in the work and ways of God. As one responds and changes, they become a more attractive and usable vessel in God’s Hand.

“The real point of Psalm 37:4 is that we are to trust in the Lord and delight ourselves in the Giver and not His gifts.”  Calvin Miller