Psalm 119:1-16

A Good Meal Makes a Difference

Yes, a good meal does make a great difference.  These children in Zambia, Africa are enjoying a delicious noon meal prepared by the African Encounter Team and other volunteers.  They have had many days when the nourishment of good food was not available.  In some cases, children have been known to eat things that were not good for them because they were so hungry.

Just as we desire good food for our body, we need to “feed” our inner person good, healthy, spiritual food.  However, many times Christians are content to eat “junk food” mentally instead of feeding their mind and spirit good and healthy food.  A great deal of time is given to all forms of media, books, magazines, and TV which feed the inner person which is the control center of life. 

What kind of food have you been feeding your mind and inner person?  Will this food make you a better Christian and give you a greater desire to serve the Lord?  Are you closer to the Lord than a year ago?

It is always a wise thing to check the food we are eating in order to be sure it is not spoiled or will contaminate our body.  So we also should be very careful what we are allowing to enter our mind, heart, and life. 

Are you putting good and healthy thoughts, pictures, ideas, and desires into your mind and heart?

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

Follow the Instruction Manual - the Bible

We are often so consumed with the challenges and projects of daily life that we go into another day without taking time to be in the Word.  Reading the Bible and waiting before God is not some magical trick that one does to gain the power of God on their life.  Rather time in the Word is vital to adjust one’s heart and mind to the ways and will of God.

As we approach a new day, it is vitally important that we allow the Word of God to impact our mind and heart to think Biblically.  It behooves the wise believer to carefully and diligently come to the Word of God daily to tune up the heart and mind in obedience to our instruction manual, the Bible. 

We must guard our life schedule and protect time each day to soak in the Word of God to know more of God and His ways.  It is in this time that we tune our life, heed the warnings of God, and are refreshed with the grace and power of God as we move into another day.

The song writer was correct, “The B-I-B-L-E, Yes that’s the Book for me, I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E, BIBLE.”

Building Life that Time

There is no “quick fix” plan for bricks in Zambia, Africa.  After hours of diligent labor, the Encounter Team members now have enough bricks to start building the children’s home.

In our society of instant things, it is easy to assume that spiritual strength and discernment come quickly.  However we are reminded in Scripture many times that one must read the Word, meditate in and on the Word, and then make obedient changes to their life.  It is essential that we invest time to allow the Word of God to sink into our mind (inner person) for the work of God to take place.  It is easy for time to slip away and the daily waiting before the Lord in the Word becomes a forgotten practice.

If we are to live in and by the power of God, we must invest time in the Word (Isaiah 40:31).  It is in the faithful reading, meditating, and applying of Scripture to one’s mind and life daily that the person is changed into an instrument of the living God.  Just as bricks are not made in a moment, so a life of spiritual stability and impact takes place as one daily is in the Word.

One great challenge is to carefully read one chapter of Proverbs a day and thus read through the book each month. So, read Proverbs 27 today and then proceed each day through the book one chapter at a time.