Psalm 103:1-22


One of the greatest disciplines in life is contentment.  Contentment is the choice to be happy where I am and with what I have and not focusing on what I do not have.

It is easy to be consumed with wanting things that we do not have and choosing not to be happy instead of focusing on that which we do have and being content.  Contentment is undermined when we begin to focus and concentrate on things that others have and imagine how we would feel if we had certain things that would make us content.  This is a trap of the enemy and leads many down the trail of unhappiness.  Contentment does not stop one from seeking to improve and excel but ignites a spirit of happiness on the journey.

The real joy of life comes when a Christian is thankful for what God has given and grateful for the circumstances of life which God is allowing in their life (Romans 8:28). This cultivates the attitude of contentment which is demonstrated by a pleasant spirit and words of thankfulness. 

In being content, we can do as the song writer suggested and “Brighten the corner where you are."