Proverbs 4:24

Good Words

A major portion of our time each day is given to talking.  Possibly that is why there are so many instructions in the Bible concerning words.  The Biblical guidelines remind us to think before we speak, and our words should be helpful, encouraging, pleasant, and God-honoring.  Yet many times we speak vain, unkind, hurting, and destructive words.  Instead of helping others, we injure and offend them. 

Check out Psalm 19:14.  This commitment of David should be our commitment as well.  Words are easily spoken but remain embedded in the mind and heart of those to whom we speak.  The quick and harsh word, spoken in the heat of the moment, creates strife and grief in the listener. 

By the grace of God and in obedience to the Holy Spirit, let’s be a “vessel of honor” today.  Our goal should be to speak words of encouragement, blessing, peace, and kindness to others and bring honor to our Lord.