Proverbs 4:1-27

Watch Your Step

Making right choices is vitally important as we walk the path of life each day.

In our Scripture reading for today, we are reminded to carefully make wise choices.  We must never forget that if we make one bad decision, it is usually connected to another one, and a series of bad choices leads to a destination of regret and sorrow.

Multiple times in Proverbs we are reminded of the importance to search and find God’s wisdom and then to make good decisions and choices.  Lives are ruined when unwise decisions and choices are made for fleshly pleasure or worldly gain.  However, God has promised that the benefits of godly wisdom are riches, long life, health, direction, peace of mind, a good reputation, a life of impact and influence, and much more.

It is vitally important that we soak our mind and heart in the Word daily to have the wisdom of God in daily decisions and choices. A great discipline is reading one chapter of Proverbs each day, which leads us through the book each month.  Select the chapter based on the day of the month and diligently read Proverbs for wisdom and guidance in making wise choices.

“A proverb is a wise saying or principle that if lived out will generally lead to positive outcomes; if ignored, the outcomes will generally turn out to be negative.”  Bob Merritt