Proverbs 26:20-22

Guard Your Tongue

The exercise that we do more of than any other is the exercise of talking.  It is a fact that each person speaks a multitude of words daily and that we must be careful to consider what is said, to whom we speak, and the tone of our conversation.  Sometimes words spoken harshly bring hurt and injury to others.  Often one is tempted to speak words of deception and dishonesty that create great problems.  Sometimes our problem is speaking words that are unnecessary and should not have been spoken.
In the book of Proverbs we find many verses about words.  In Proverbs 26 we find these instructions.

  1. Don’t share your thoughts and ideas when not needed or wanted. (16:17-18)
  2. Don’t gossip or share things about others that should not be spoken.  (26:20-22)
  3. Don’t lie. Always tell the truth. (26:28)

As the children’s chorus reminds us, “Oh be careful little tongue what you say,” we must be alert each moment so that the words we speak are helpful, honest, worthy, and bring honor to our Lord.

For a reminder of the importance of words, we should read James 3:1-12.
Sometimes the best counsel concerning talking would be to not say anything.