Proverbs 24:30-34

Take Good Care of Your Life Garden

Thanks to the diligence and careful concern of the African Encounter team, the cabbages are now plentiful and ready for harvest.  Many people would like a clean field and great harvest, but they are not careful and willing to care for the crop.

So it is with our life.  It is the wise and diligent person that daily checks over their life in the light of the Word for sins that would destroy.  Just like the weeds in the garden, sins in one’s life start small, and if not removed, they grow and destroy the life garden.

Take a few moments now and look over your life garden.  Do you see anything that needs to be cared for or removed?  Is the Spirit of God reminding you that certain habits, practices, ideas, thoughts, words, or behaviors are not pleasing to the Lord? I John 1:9 is the instruction for taking care of sins (weeds) in our life garden.  Not only must we confess the sins to God, but then we must obey the Word and remove these things from our life. 

Don’t forget, little weeds grow into big weeds and destroy the garden, and “little” sins grow and consume one’s life, lead one astray and cause great problems.  Check out Romans 6.

The Joy of Harvest

The soy beans are harvested and spread out for drying in Zambia.  Soon they will enjoy the blessings that come from planting and harvesting.

Harvesting that brings joy comes after the careful planting and caring for the crop.  So it is in life that we “reap what we sow.”  It is wise to take care as we “plant” seeds in our daily thoughts and conduct.  For the law of the harvest is “whatever you plants is what you will reap.”

Be alert to lust of the flesh and tricks of the enemy to plant just small sins that are contrary to the Word of God, for these things will take root and produce fruits of unrighteousness.

It is the careful and wise believer that “plants” daily in obedience to the Word of God (Proverbs 8:34) words and actions that are blessed of God, and the day of harvest will be a delightful time.

Living in obedience to God’s Word impacts many lives and is honored by God. 

Yes, it does make a difference what one plants in the “garden of life.”