Proverbs 24:29-34

Taking Care of “Your” Garden

It pays off to take care of the garden.  These ladies in Zambia are enjoying the crops of a well-cared for garden.

The wise gardener checks the garden daily for weeds and for any other needs in the garden.  Not only do they check the garden, but they take appropriate actions to care for the garden.

So it is with one’s “life garden.”  We should check our life daily by the Word and care for any needs that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention.  In John 15:1-7 the believer is reminded to abide in the Word and the life will produce “much fruit.” 

Waiting in the presence of God with open Bible, the obedient believer responds to the moving of God to care for anything that will ruin their “life garden.”  Remember that sins, like weeds, start small and grow quietly.  If not cared for, they will take over the garden and destroy it.

“God provides practical guidance to us in the Scriptures.  Unless we remain closely connected to Him, we can do nothing (John 15:5). Our first task is to continue to build our relationship with Him.” ~Richard Blackaby