Proverbs 23:7

A Healthy Meal

These needy children in Zambia are enjoying a healthy meal prepared by the African Encounter team and other volunteers. 

The importance of eating healthy food is constantly emphasized today, and certainly one would want to follow wise and knowledgeable advice.  However, just as this is true with our physical bodies, we should also be very concerned about what we are “feeding” our mind and inner person. 

The Apostle Paul instructs in Philippians 4:8 on what we should “feed” our mind.  One often wonders why their spiritual life seems weak and filled with trouble.  Well, maybe it is because of what is filling the mind/heart.  Instead of “eating” a good meal of spiritual intake from the Word, the inner person is filled with ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and ways of the world. 

It is important that one takes time daily to read and meditate in and on the Word of God.  This then prompts the careful believer to examine and change their life according to the Word in obedience to God. 

Yes, it does make a difference what one “feeds” their heart and mind.