Proverbs 21:16

Check Your Path

This pastor in Zambia, Africa will now have a much easier journey down the “path” of ministry to the people that God has entrusted to his care since he has a new bicycle.  But even with this great help, he will check the “path” as he goes.

We are reminded in Scripture to be cautious and wise to check our path of life for areas of concern, traps of the enemy, or other potential dangers.  Many a person shares regret and sorrow over the wrong path of life.  I am sure that the young man in Proverbs 7 would report that he regrets going down the path of the evil woman, for that path is way to “hell and death.”

As we journey down our “paths” of life today, it is wise to check the path.  The paths of finances, friendships, habits, slothfulness or diligence, use of time, responses to others, and conduct in general are paths that one should check often. 

It is much easier to identify a wrong path and change directions then it is to change after one has traveled down that path for a great distance.