Proverbs 17:17-23

A Merry Heart

It is obvious that these children in Myanmar are happy.  They do not have the luxuries and other things that many others have yet they have determined to have a merry heart.

Rather than being upset about all the things we do not have, we are reminded many times in Scripture to rejoice, be content, and be thankful.  When one focuses on their blessings and the abundance of good things that happen in life, these thoughts help to cultivate a merry heart.  A merry heart affects everything else that happens as well as the words that are communicated.

How does one cultivate a merry heart?  

  • Be thankful
  • Commit all to God
  • Trust in the Lord
  • Believe the Word of God
  • Think good and godly thoughts
  • Live each moment

All of these practices are the opposite of murmuring and complaining, which leads to a corrupted spirit and behavior.  What are we doing to cultivate a merry heart?  Just as the farmer does not expect instant crops and diligently cultivates and cares for the crop, we must obey God and obediently cultivate a merry heart/life.