Proverbs 15:23

A Good Word Matters

Words do make a difference.  I will never forget the two elderly men that lived across the road from our house.  I was afraid of them at first, and then I realized that they just wanted a friend.  They were lonely and desired to talk to someone. 

We encounter many people each day that need a good word.  Loneliness, hurt, rejection, and many other things keep people that need a good word in bondage.  However, we are so wrapped up in our own desires and plans that we often miss the opportunity to share a few words of encouragement with those who desperately need it.

So what can we do? Pray for God’s leading to those in need.  Be open and ready to speak a word of encouragement.  Then, share with those that are in need.  What a blessing to be a light in a dark world by sharing words of concern.  Be on the alert and ready to speak a good word because it really does matter.

Good Words

A major portion of our time each day is given to talking.  Possibly that is why there are so many instructions in the Bible concerning words.  The Biblical guidelines remind us to think before we speak, and our words should be helpful, encouraging, pleasant, and God-honoring.  Yet many times we speak vain, unkind, hurting, and destructive words.  Instead of helping others, we injure and offend them. 

Check out Psalm 19:14.  This commitment of David should be our commitment as well.  Words are easily spoken but remain embedded in the mind and heart of those to whom we speak.  The quick and harsh word, spoken in the heat of the moment, creates strife and grief in the listener. 

By the grace of God and in obedience to the Holy Spirit, let’s be a “vessel of honor” today.  Our goal should be to speak words of encouragement, blessing, peace, and kindness to others and bring honor to our Lord. 


It is easy to be so busy with our own schedule and to-do list that we pass by the person who needs encouragement.  For many each day brings more stress, trouble, difficulties and challenges.  It is in these times when the obedient believer can be a “messenger from God” to speak and be an encouragement.

Instead of gossip and complaining, we can be a blessing to many with a word or act of kindness.  Self-pity and self-centeredness often hinder us from caring or reaching out to others.  We are reminded by our Lord’s words in John 13:35 that caring for and loving others are of vital importance.

As we travel our journey of life today, let’s be alert and wise to the needs of others.  We are on assignment from God to carry out His Word and this includes reaching out to others.  Rather than being judgmental and uncaring, the obedient Christian is sensitive to the Holy Spirit in loving and helping others.

The song writer penned, “Others, Lord yes others, let this motto be.”  Our Lord sends us today into a world of turmoil, struggle, and problems to be a “light” in the dark world and an encouragement to others.