Proverbs 14:21

Giving Refreshes the Soul

It is always a great joy to share with someone.  This young boy, in a remote village in Zambia, is happy to receive a most prized gift of a soccer ball.

Following in the steps of Jesus, each believer should be sensitive and willing to give for a blessing and to help others.  Yet we often are only motivated to get more “things” for ourselves rather than thinking about sharing with others.  Then there is the person who is quick to give away all the stuff they do not want or is of no value.  Rather than helping those in need, they are concerned about cleaning out the garage.

Yes, it does bring joy to invest and give to others.  Check out Luke 10:39-37 and consider the Good Samaritan giving and sharing with one in need.  Whether it is a “cup of water,” food, clothing, financial assistance, or a treasured toy for a needy child, it is refreshing to the heart when we obey the Word and give to the poor

Be alert for opportunities to bring joy, relief, blessing, and happiness today.