Philippians 4:4-14

Attitude is a Choice

Someone has said that “attitude is the little thing that makes the big difference” and that “attitude is a choice.”  In our affluent society, it is easy to have our attitude based on and conditioned by things.  Rarely would one be happy and rejoicing over a vegetable from the garden as this boy in Zambia.

The Apostle Paul gives instruction and wisdom in how we reflect on the events of each day and the things that we have in life.  Cultivating and keeping an attitude that is pleasant and reflecting the work and ways of God in one’s life is of utmost importance.  In Philippians, the joy book of the Bible, we find some keys to cultivating a good attitude.

1.     Rejoice in what God has given to you.
2.     Be happy in the situations of life.
3.     See the hand of God in your life.
4.     Be gentle and kind to others.
5.     Don’t be anxious.
6.     Pray about all things.
7.     Think right and good thoughts
8.     Thank God for His strength and work in your life.