Philippians 4:1-14

What Does it Take to Make You Happy?

Joy, thanks, and contentment are displayed on the faces of these young ladies in India.  Without the abundance of “things,” they are learning to cultivate a contented heart.

One must be very cautious in this society of abundance that our contentment is not anchored in “things.”  The aisles of the stores are lined with more “things” that are portrayed to bring happiness and contentment.  Yet we know that not long after the purchase is made, one is in search for another “thing.”

Contentment is when one is satisfied with what God has provided and is ready to share in the needs of others with a spirit of joy.  Discontentment is demonstrated by complaining of dissatisfaction with what one has in comparison with others.  This leads to self-pity and the driving search for more along with waste of money and time which corrupts one’s attitude.

“Life-giving contentment guides us as we abandon trivial spending to make a wise, strategic purchase or when we determine that it is time to hunker down and build savings instead of frittering away our paycheck week after week.  God-given contentment is also a precious gift when we place a moratorium on significant purchases so that we can fully embrace a time of increased giving.”  Jeff Manion

What does it take to make you happy?