Philippians 1:3-11

Remembering Others

It only takes a few moments to say “thank you” and let others know that we appreciate their acts of kindness.  Yet we are often so consumed with our own plans and projects that we neglect being thankful and grateful to others.

Think for a moment about the great number of people that have invested in your life.  Parents, Sunday School teachers, pastors and youth pastors, teachers, coaches, uncles and aunts, grandparents, and the great multitude of friends that hover around one’s life.  Often these kind and sacrificing people are forgotten in the maze of all the things that we desire to do.

A handwritten note of thanks, a phone call, visit, gift, or a few words from a grateful heart mean much to many.  Remember how encouraged and blessed you were when that person thanked you?  There is someone waiting to hear from you today.  As the man once said, “give flowers to people who can smell them.”

Take some time now, make a list of those who have invested in your life and bless their life with words from a grateful heart.