Philippians 1:1-13

Making the most of TODAY

In anxious anticipation, these children begin to serve the next meal at Banjara Tribal Ministries in Hyderabad, India.  No complaining or wishing they could have something else is heard, only thankful words for what is provided.  They are making the most out of today.

How often we choose to live in yesterday or tomorrow instead of living on purpose TODAY.  Many of the blessings, joys, and lessons of this day are forfeited as we focus on another time or place.  The Apostle Paul, writing from prison in Philippians, reminds us that we should make the most out of this day.  In the passage for today, we see that Paul has chosen to live in the blessings and challenges of the day.  Some of the lessons we could learn from him are . . .

1.     Be thankful for the people God has placed in our life (1:3)
2.     Faithfully pray for others (1:4)
3.     Be joyful in the work and ways of God (1:6)
4.     Be an encouragement to others (1:9-10)
5.     Living in obedience to the Scriptures is vitally important (1:10)
6.      Be thankful for everything (1:12)

This day will soon be over, and we will be living with the choices we have made.  Let us remember the apostle's words in Galatians 6:7-8 and be careful to make the right decisions and plant seeds of obedience to the Word.