Nehemiah 6:15

Building Life that Time

There is no “quick fix” plan for bricks in Zambia, Africa.  After hours of diligent labor, the Encounter Team members now have enough bricks to start building the children’s home.

In our society of instant things, it is easy to assume that spiritual strength and discernment come quickly.  However we are reminded in Scripture many times that one must read the Word, meditate in and on the Word, and then make obedient changes to their life.  It is essential that we invest time to allow the Word of God to sink into our mind (inner person) for the work of God to take place.  It is easy for time to slip away and the daily waiting before the Lord in the Word becomes a forgotten practice.

If we are to live in and by the power of God, we must invest time in the Word (Isaiah 40:31).  It is in the faithful reading, meditating, and applying of Scripture to one’s mind and life daily that the person is changed into an instrument of the living God.  Just as bricks are not made in a moment, so a life of spiritual stability and impact takes place as one daily is in the Word.

One great challenge is to carefully read one chapter of Proverbs a day and thus read through the book each month. So, read Proverbs 27 today and then proceed each day through the book one chapter at a time.