Matthew 7:24-27

Build Carefully

Just as these Encounter Team members in Zambia are careful as they prepare another brick for the house that they are building, we must be careful each day to live obediently to the Word of God.

In our passage for today, we are reminded that one must do more than just “hear” the Word.  A great multitude of believers hear the Bible but do not live out the truths in everyday life.  We have the challenge and opportunity today to practice the principles and teachings of God’s Word in every area of our life.  It is imperative that believers do more than just “hear” the Word; they must live out the truths of God’s Word for the world to see.  Our speech, behavior, responses, conduct, and demeanor of life are vital to being a light in a dark world.

It is wise to we check each brick of our life today to see that the life we are building is in line with the truths of God’s Word.  The reminder and instructions of Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 would be helpful to consider at this point. Check out these verses.

Today we must do and be more than just “hearers” of the Word.