Matthew 6:25-34

Anxiety Causes Loss of Focus

These children in Zambia, Africa are blessed by God’s provision as the African Encounter Team serves a hot meal during the school day. 

Scripture reminds us that God will care for our needs, for He is even concerned about the birds and flowers.  However, it is in this context that one often is overcome by anxiety as the events and circumstances of life become difficult.  Not only are we instructed in scripture that God provides but also that God orchestrates the events of our life. In Romans 8:28, we are reminded that “all things" are overseen by our loving and gracious Lord for our good, His glory, and the blessings of others.  Yet, we often are anxious and lose our focus in the events of life.

We must remember that God is working in our life to bring about changes that will make us “vessels of honor” in His work and bring us great joy. 

Anxiety comes when we take our focus off of God and center in on the events or circumstances.  Rather than being anxious, we should recognize the circumstances that cause our anxiety, anchor our minds in His Word, and ask God to give us faith to believe His Word and ways.

When one’s life focus is not right, distractions draw away from the things of God.