Matthew 6:1-18

How We Appear

We often dress up and look nice to impress others and appear in a way to be recognized and appreciated.  One of the issues that Jesus confronted the Pharisees about was “appearing unto men.”  In other words they were putting on a show and pretending for the sake of impressing others.  When one tries to put on a characteristic or act that is not them, they are called hypocrites.  We must be careful that our motives in what we do and what we say do not appear one way as to distract from the “real” motives of our heart.

Sometimes the desire to appear unto others is in words spoken because they sound good, or a gift given to look good to others.  Pretending to be spiritual and concerned, for the sake of impressing others, opens the door to more sins.  This kind of living eventually leads to a life of hypocrisy, lies, cover-up, and disaster.  Remember Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5?

Isaiah 58 records the children of Israel pretending and the reminder that to have God’s blessing and power one must obey His Word and not try to “put on a show” for others.  Being right with God and obedient to His Word is much more important that impressing others.