Matthew 6:1-16

Motives are Important

It is wonderful to help others, especially orphans and needy children.  However one must be careful to always check their motives for helping or giving.  Jesus was concerned about “why” one would pray, give, and fast as seen in our passage for today.

Our motives are the reasons why we do we what we do.  The old nature and desires of the flesh quietly lure a person into doing or saying things that bring attention to self.  The driving ambition to look good in the sight of others and to be praised or thought of in a special way are some of the motives we must guard against.

We should be faithful and obedient to the leading of the Lord and very careful “why” we are doing or saying it.  The careful care of what one allows in the “heart” is of utmost importance. The apostle Paul reminds us in Ephesians 3:14-19that the condition of our “inner person” is one of the major areas on his prayer list.