Matthew 5:13-16

Helping Those in Need

Charity and her friends send a message of “Thanks” from Zambia for the gift of a new well and clean water.

This is another reminder that investing and caring for those in need brings great joy to all involved.  However as one hurries from one project to another, there seldom is time to invest in those who have a need. 

We are reminded in Scripture that Jesus took time for the needy, physically impaired, lonely, and spiritually empty people as He listened to their requests and became involved in their lives.

Proverbs 11:25 and 19:17 teach us that God is taking note of all who care for those in need.  A great joy comes to the soul when we are used by God to touch a life in the time of need.

As we move quickly through another day, let’s be alert and willing to be God’s messenger of mercy and love to those in need.