Matthew 20:20-28

Doing Your Part

The African Encounter Team all joins together to accomplish a big job.  Making for bricks for the children’s home is a difficult task but with “many hands, work is light.”  

The great task of the local church is to influence and impact people with the truth of the Good News of Salvation and the joys of the Christian life.  This assignment requires many available and willing workers in various areas of responsibilities.  What a tragedy that many Christians are so busy with their own desires and affairs of life that there is no time for service to the Lord.  God uses the diverseness of personalities in the church to teach, lead, encourage, count, clean, and much more.  

Many times there is no one to “serve” because people are only interested in being served.  We are reminded in Matthew 20 that Jesus said, “…whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant.”  

So, rather than waiting for others to serve us, let’s find our place to serve and see the ministries of the body of Christ enhanced by the joyful participation of many.