Mark 2:1-4

Sharing and Giving

One of the great joys of the Christian life is to be ready and willing to reach out to someone in need.  Whether it is the need of food, clothes, or some other great need, the sharing with others brings a joy to the soul that is not easily matched. 

If we were to walk with our Lord, we would soon learn that He was interested in and willing to reach out to help those in need.  Think about the people who do not have food for the next meal, clean water to drink, and only one set of clothes to wear.  Often Christians are content to acknowledge there is a need but not really willing to reach out and give to help.  The joys of being God’s hand to those in need bring blessings to the soul that cannot be compared to anything else. 

The “good Samaritan” was willing to invest his time, money, energies, and life in someone he did not know.  The friends in Mark 2 were also willing to help one in need.  Being open and willing to invest and share in the needs of others is refreshing to the soul.  Where can we invest and share today?