Mark 2:1-12

Take Time to Help

It takes time, energy, and personal investment to be God’s hand to people in need.  God’s way of meeting the needs of many is through faithful believers sharing as we see in this picture from Zambia.

It is the great joy of the obedient believer to be a usable instrument in our Lord’s hand to minister to those in need.  As we observed in the passages today, Jesus and loving friends took time and gave to care for others, and we should do the same.  However, often in the busyness of life one does not take the time to stop and minister to others.

A Christian does not have to be in so-called “full-time service.”  As Charlie "Tremendous" Jones used to remind us, “all Christians are in full-time service.”  We need to be alert and ready to be God’s hand, touching and impacting others with the love of the Lord and truths of Scripture. Since God knows where our paths will lead this day, He also knows the people we will encounter.  Let’s be ready to help, encourage, lift, give, and share as God’s representatives in a dark and hurting world.

There is great joy in being available and obedient to share the love of the Lord with those in need.  We must be ready, available, willing, and obedient.