John 4:6-14

Stay Close to the Well

Just as this boy enjoys the refreshing water from a pure stream of clean water, the believer must daily be refreshed from the water of the Word.

The Word of God refreshes the soul, gives light for the day, provides encouragement in the night, offers warnings along the way, and much more.  This work of God in the life of the obedient believer is the great key to living in freedom and victory each day.  To see and know the work of God in our life, we must read, meditate, study, know, and apply God’s word to our life on a daily basis.  It is God’s desire to bring refreshment, joy, peace, and much more to the heart and life of the believer, and this is all connected to His Word.  

Just as the refreshing water runs over this little boy in Myanmar, we must allow the Word of God to flood our mind, soul, and life.  It is this refreshing flow that changes one’s mind, heart and life.

“The Bible is meant to be applied in your everyday life.” Jerry Bridges