James 3:3-12

A Good Word Matters

Words do make a difference.  I will never forget the two elderly men that lived across the road from our house.  I was afraid of them at first, and then I realized that they just wanted a friend.  They were lonely and desired to talk to someone. 

We encounter many people each day that need a good word.  Loneliness, hurt, rejection, and many other things keep people that need a good word in bondage.  However, we are so wrapped up in our own desires and plans that we often miss the opportunity to share a few words of encouragement with those who desperately need it.

So what can we do? Pray for God’s leading to those in need.  Be open and ready to speak a word of encouragement.  Then, share with those that are in need.  What a blessing to be a light in a dark world by sharing words of concern.  Be on the alert and ready to speak a good word because it really does matter.