James 1:19

Think it Over

A good word has just brought a smile to these children in Myanmar.  Although they do not have many of the things that seem to make others happy, they are encouraged and lifted by a good word.

It is our great opportunity each day to speak words of refreshing encouragement to others and lift them from despair.  However, many times words are spoken harshly and without much, if any, thought as to how they will be heard.  Hasty and unnecessary words usually result in embarrassment, hurt, injury, discouragement, and sometimes anger.

The wise person commits their ways to the Lord (Proverbs 16:3) and disciplines themselves to be careful about the words they speak.  We should consider:

Are these words necessary?
Are the words I am about to speak absolutely true?
Is this the right time and place to say these words?
Will these words I am about to speak please the Lord?

A few moments of careful thought and preparation will temper one’s words to be words that are helpful to others, pleasing to our Lord, and bring joy to the occasion.

Clean Water is Always Good

Christopher Boda is excited and thankful to have good and clean water flowing from the new well after a long time of drought.

We are reminded in our Scripture readings for today that what comes out of a believer’s life should be refreshing like good and clean water.  Instead of complaining or speaking words of unkindness, the flow out of the believer’s life should bring delight and blessing to those who hear.  Each day we have many opportunities to bless and encourage people.  However, believers are often so shallow spiritually that very little good and refreshing flows from the life.  Rather than “rivers of living water,” rivers of corruption and discord are what flow from the mouth.

It is the believer’s great joy to live and speak of the blessings of God. Then the “rivers of living water” flow from the lips and the life.  As we pass by people today on our ordained journey of life, let’s be careful to be a refreshing encouragement to everyone.  The Apostle Paul reminds us that there should be “no murmurings or complaining.”  If we follow this guideline from Scripture, our conversation would be good, clean, and refreshing to others.