II Timothy 2:14-21

Taking Time to Do Important Things

These students in Zambia are investing time to understand the truths of God’s Word and how to communicate the good news of salvation to those who have never heard.  Of course, there are many other things that they could be doing but they have chosen to learn more of the Word.

Each day we all have the same allotted time to use or invest as we choose.  If we are not careful, our time will be consumed with matters that do not make an eternal impact.  Many hours are spent watching television, communicating on social media, talking, and going places for no real reason or plan.  Certainly it is not sinful to rest, relax, and invest time in meaningful fellowship and conversation. However, we must practice self-discipline (I Corinthians 9:24-27) in doing things that are of utmost importance to spiritual growth and strengthening.

We need to be sure that we are taking adequate time to study the Bible, meditate in and on Scripture, pray, journal what we are learning spiritually, worship, serve at our church, and share to help and encourage others.  Now we are not doing these things to earn spiritual merit, but by investing our time in these matters, we will grow spiritually and be a useful tool in the hand of God to impact our world.

Yesterday is gone forever, and tomorrow may never come so today is the most important day you have.