II Peter 1:5-15

Cultivating Biblical Character

Helping, sharing, and being kind to others does make a great difference in life.  If we are not careful, energy and time are expended seeking things that do not really make a difference or last.

We are reminded in today’s Scripture reading that building character is of extreme importance.  Focusing on establishing honesty, self-control, endurance, and godliness along with genuine Christian concern and love should be a major concern in the life of every believer.  However, we often give much time, energy, and even money to things that only last for a short time rather than godly character that is of extreme importance.

The way we live, respond, behave, and interact with others is directly affected by our obedience to the Word in establishing godly character in our life.  Hours are given to bodily exercise which can be beneficial (I Timothy 4:8), but we should be careful to give much time and effort to establishing godly character which makes all the difference.

Godly character in obedience to the Word of God is that which makes ALL the difference in life and living.