II Peter 1:5-11

Keep Building

It is important that this worker is diligent to add more bricks to the children’s home in Zambia.

Today’s scripture reminds us to give careful attention to cultivating and deepening virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity in our life.  We do not follow these instructions to get to heaven because God’s salvation is not by works.  However, we are faithfully to add these things to our life and deepen them to strengthen our life and testimony.  According to this passage, “these things” are of great importance to the work that God desires to do in our life.

It is important that we keep building and adding these characteristics to our life.  We must exercise great concern that our attention is on what the scripture directs.  II Peter 1:5 begins by reminding us to “give all diligence” to “these things.”  There is great blessing and reward for being faithful to that which the Word reminds us is important. 

Here’s a thought.  Select one characteristic, discover what Scripture teaches about it, and pray for wisdom and diligence to apply this matter to your daily life and thus “add” that which is important.