II Corinthians 5:17

Do Not React in Like Manner

One of the major challenges in everyday life is people.  People irritate, annoy, criticize, complain and cause you to react similarly.  So the human tendency is to get even by reacting just like them. These actions and reactions cause strife, trouble, and disunity.

The child of God is supposed to react and respond in a different manner or as the scripture says as a "new creature" in Christ.  Under the instruction of the Word and leading of the Holy Spirit, the believer speaks and behaves in a godly manner and becomes a genuine example of the work and power of God in their life.  It is the believer's opportunity and responsibility to be gentle to all in words, attitude, and conduct in general which is the living proof of God in their life.

Responding in like manner to those that irritate and hurt creates more problems and is not the conduct of an obedient believer.  We should carefully consider what impression we have on others after having a difficult encounter with them.  In the power of Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can and should be gentle to all.

What is God Saying?

It is often in the time of prayer that God moves in the heart of the believer and reminds them of the areas in which He desires obedience and change to take place.  The change that God is concerned about could be in one’s words, actions, responses, or behavior.  God’s great desire is that His children walk, live, and demonstrate His power and presence in their daily conduct. 

There ought to be obedient changes being made in our life to reflect the work of God.  As a believer we have become in Christ a “new creature” not to act, talk, walk, live, respond, or conduct our life as an unbeliever.  However, these changes only take place as we obey the Word of God under the direction and conviction of the Spirit of God.  It is God working in us to give grace and strength as we respond in obedience to what needs to be changed in our life.

Obedience is the key.  What changes does God want to see in my life?  Are we listening and eager to respond to be more like Christ? Change will not take place until we change in obedience to the moving of God.