II Corinthians 4:1-18

Trust God and Keep Pedaling

There are times in life when the obstacles and challenges seem like more than one can endure. Yet just as this boy in Zambia keeps pedaling, we must continue on as well.

The Apostle Paul gives much instruction and encouragement in our reading for today concerning the reasons and our responses to troubles.  We are reminded in the Bible that God is working to make us more of what we should be, and it is in the circumstances of life that most of this takes place.  Instead of becoming angry and defensive when the pedaling becomes difficult, we should wait before the Lord to understand the lessons and plans He has for us. 

One of the great challenges in times of difficulty is to keep one’s perspective right so that our focus is on what God desires and not on the affliction or trial.  God will not abandon His children or allow more than they can endure in Him.  Remember - this too shall pass.  Be faithful in the hard times.  Maybe another reading of Psalm 23 would lighten the load right now.