II Corinthians 12:7-10

God’s Way of Making Vessels

Servants of God in Zambia, Africa meet to discuss Biblical truths for a more effective ministry.  Each one of these men is faced with obstacles and challenges that would seem to break them, but they know that God is working to make them a stronger and more effective instrument in His hand.

It is in the pressures and challenges of life that God does a mighty work in the believer’s life.  Often we would pray, like Paul, that the difficulty just be removed.  But God in His wisdom and way knows that what is happening in our heart, mind, words, and actions are more important than the removal of the “thorn.”  It is the “thorn,” the person, circumstance, challenge, or struggle that is changing us into a unique treasure of God.

If God would remove the “thorn” as we prayed, the changes and growth that He knows are best would never take place.  Rather than being pleading with God to change things, we should thank Him for the grace and strength that He gives to endure, learn, and become more like our Lord.

The forging hand of the potter is not always welcomed by the vessel, but it is that which makes a beautiful vase usable for unique purposes.